Dicember 2021, Day 3

Source: Pathologic 2

Child – d6 Local Ruffians

  1. Sean: Short black hair and very nice clothes. Likes shiny things, and will trade you contraband for them. He knows the comings and goings of everyone that frequents this square.
  2. Casey: Short blond hair and a denim jacket. Swears like a sailor. Will rat you out at any opportunity. Probably has a knife.
  3. Frog: Long black hair and rags. Really good at climbing and swimming. Very shy. Expert pickpocket as well.
  4. Dodger: Short brown hair, suspenders, cane, and a nice hat. Leader of a small gang. Puffs out chest a lot to look bigger. Surprisingly responsible, for a kid. Deeply loyal if you help out a gangmate.
  5. Whisper: Long brown hair, spooky cape. Has actually killed a man. Doesn’t really want to do it again, but will.
  6. Dogmeat: Shaved head, punk jacket. Plays a beat up guitar badly, but it’s damaged from being used as a weapon. Has a huge heart, despite the violent exterior.

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