Dicember 2021, Day 3

Source: Pathologic 2

Child – d6 Local Ruffians

  1. Sean: Short black hair and very nice clothes. Likes shiny things, and will trade you contraband for them. He knows the comings and goings of everyone that frequents this square.
  2. Casey: Short blond hair and a denim jacket. Swears like a sailor. Will rat you out at any opportunity. Probably has a knife.
  3. Frog: Long black hair and rags. Really good at climbing and swimming. Very shy. Expert pickpocket as well.
  4. Dodger: Short brown hair, suspenders, cane, and a nice hat. Leader of a small gang. Puffs out chest a lot to look bigger. Surprisingly responsible, for a kid. Deeply loyal if you help out a gangmate.
  5. Whisper: Long brown hair, spooky cape. Has actually killed a man. Doesn’t really want to do it again, but will.
  6. Dogmeat: Shaved head, punk jacket. Plays a beat up guitar badly, but it’s damaged from being used as a weapon. Has a huge heart, despite the violent exterior.

Dicember 2021, Day 2

Ice – Some single-use software for mothership, for use with the hacker’s handbook. I was going to make some netrunner style Ice for mothership, but it wouldn’t quite work in their system so I went with some Icebreakers.

The Final Days of 'Netrunner' - Waypoint
  1. honeyChan: Creates a node on the network connected to a router you have access to. This node can appear unsecured or secure, and its appearance while connected is also up to you. Whenever another user connects to this node, all of their communications are logged and sent to you. 1kcr
  2. Hotbox: Forces a node offline by overheating. Nobody can access the node until it is repaired. Automatically triggers a response roll. 500cr
  3. Limpet: Future attempts from your deck at accessing this node do not prompt response rolls. 2kcr
  4. Rattlesnake: Spreads to nearby nodes rapidly. Will automatically propagate to every unsecure node in the network, and propagates to all secure nodes with a single Hacking check. Responses against this program do not actually target the hacker, but instead the node that triggered the response. 2kcr
  5. dcast: Custom adware. Installation on a node will cause incessant popups for whatever you’d like advertised until it is removed. 250cr
  6. sLemming: Sets a trigger point to immediately let you know when a specific action is performed on this node. 500cr

Dicember 2021, day 1


  1. Illumination Arrow: Rough hewn wooden shaft dripping sickly smelling tar. When the head is lodged into a surface, the fletching immediately ignites as a torch that lasts about half an hour.
  2. Capture Arrow: Hollow metal arrow with crystalline core. When it hits the target, they must save or be trapped in the core. Damaging the core or firing the arrow again will release the contained creature. While trapped in the arrow, time does not pass.
  3. Backbiter Arrow: Looks like a slightly oversized regular arrow, but careful examination reveals a tiny spring-loaded arrow inside of it. When lodged in a surface, the internal arrow fires straight out of the back in a straight line dealing the damage it normally would.
  4. Paradox Arrow: White-shafted arrow with a crest showing an ornate capital Z. When fired at a target, do not roll to hit. Instead, the arrow travels 1/2 of the way to the declared target. If that would hit something along the way, it hits unneringly, dealing damage immediately. Otherwise, it continues moving half of the distance it moved each prior turn until it is essentially frozen in the air. The arrow only moves on its turn.
  5. Multiplying arrow: Single arrow illustrated to appear as if it is actually a bundle of many arrows. Whenever max damage is rolled for this arrow, the die explodes. If this is also max damage, continue rolling until it is not, adding each to the total.
  6. Expanding Arrow: Silver shaft that feels cool to the touch. When the head hits a target, the arrow shatters and expands into a 5ft wide by 5ft tall sheet of easily climbable hard foam.