What’s in the locked shipping container?

This is the new home for ruinsoffallenempires. I got sick of juggling google accounts and having a way too long name. Here’s an inaugural table post, but I’ll hopefully have some more interesting content in the future. Inspired by the massive container ship my pcs will be piloting in an upcoming Mothership game. Could also work as a really weird Delta Green green box generator.

By lazerblade on flickr

D30 Contents of the mysterious shipping container in space:

  1. A single USB drive in the center of the container, scotch taped to the floor.
  2. A skeletal murderbot torso, fused with the floor of the container. Very aggressive, but cannot move.
  3. Crates of military grade explosives.
  4. A full sized golden sphinx statue on a palette.
  5. A vintage car, but with hover-wheels.
  6. A small man, sitting on a beat up couch, watching tv.
  7. Crates of pickles.
  8. Somebody’s office. The windows are fake.
  9. 2d4 very nice paintings, hung on the walls with associated placards.
  10. A tree, it’s roots stretching across every surface.
  11. A theater, playing some surreal arthouse film.
  12. A stabilized portal, with scientific equipment all around it.
  13. Crates of bouncy balls.
  14. 3 body bags, evenly spaced.
  15. Crates of assorted trade paperbacks, but they all have the wrong authors.
  16. A girl in a box.
  17. A ritual altar with candles.
  18. Crates of assault rifles.
  19. A file server, somehow running on backup power still.
  20. Filled floor to ceiling with moist soil.
  21. Coffins.
  22. A caged lion.
  23. Crates of instant ramen.
  24. A note reading “Too late! -A”
  25. Filled completely with salt water.
  26. Props from a stage performance of Baron Munchausen.
  27. Crates of identical porcelain sugar bowls.
  28. A crate of assorted snakes.
  29. Crates of business cards.
  30. A smaller shipping container. Roll again for the contents.