Dicember 2021, Day 3

Source: Pathologic 2

Child – d6 Local Ruffians

  1. Sean: Short black hair and very nice clothes. Likes shiny things, and will trade you contraband for them. He knows the comings and goings of everyone that frequents this square.
  2. Casey: Short blond hair and a denim jacket. Swears like a sailor. Will rat you out at any opportunity. Probably has a knife.
  3. Frog: Long black hair and rags. Really good at climbing and swimming. Very shy. Expert pickpocket as well.
  4. Dodger: Short brown hair, suspenders, cane, and a nice hat. Leader of a small gang. Puffs out chest a lot to look bigger. Surprisingly responsible, for a kid. Deeply loyal if you help out a gangmate.
  5. Whisper: Long brown hair, spooky cape. Has actually killed a man. Doesn’t really want to do it again, but will.
  6. Dogmeat: Shaved head, punk jacket. Plays a beat up guitar badly, but it’s damaged from being used as a weapon. Has a huge heart, despite the violent exterior.

Dicember 2021, Day 2

Ice – Some single-use software for mothership, for use with the hacker’s handbook. I was going to make some netrunner style Ice for mothership, but it wouldn’t quite work in their system so I went with some Icebreakers.

The Final Days of 'Netrunner' - Waypoint
  1. honeyChan: Creates a node on the network connected to a router you have access to. This node can appear unsecured or secure, and its appearance while connected is also up to you. Whenever another user connects to this node, all of their communications are logged and sent to you. 1kcr
  2. Hotbox: Forces a node offline by overheating. Nobody can access the node until it is repaired. Automatically triggers a response roll. 500cr
  3. Limpet: Future attempts from your deck at accessing this node do not prompt response rolls. 2kcr
  4. Rattlesnake: Spreads to nearby nodes rapidly. Will automatically propagate to every unsecure node in the network, and propagates to all secure nodes with a single Hacking check. Responses against this program do not actually target the hacker, but instead the node that triggered the response. 2kcr
  5. dcast: Custom adware. Installation on a node will cause incessant popups for whatever you’d like advertised until it is removed. 250cr
  6. sLemming: Sets a trigger point to immediately let you know when a specific action is performed on this node. 500cr

Dicember 2021, day 1


  1. Illumination Arrow: Rough hewn wooden shaft dripping sickly smelling tar. When the head is lodged into a surface, the fletching immediately ignites as a torch that lasts about half an hour.
  2. Capture Arrow: Hollow metal arrow with crystalline core. When it hits the target, they must save or be trapped in the core. Damaging the core or firing the arrow again will release the contained creature. While trapped in the arrow, time does not pass.
  3. Backbiter Arrow: Looks like a slightly oversized regular arrow, but careful examination reveals a tiny spring-loaded arrow inside of it. When lodged in a surface, the internal arrow fires straight out of the back in a straight line dealing the damage it normally would.
  4. Paradox Arrow: White-shafted arrow with a crest showing an ornate capital Z. When fired at a target, do not roll to hit. Instead, the arrow travels 1/2 of the way to the declared target. If that would hit something along the way, it hits unneringly, dealing damage immediately. Otherwise, it continues moving half of the distance it moved each prior turn until it is essentially frozen in the air. The arrow only moves on its turn.
  5. Multiplying arrow: Single arrow illustrated to appear as if it is actually a bundle of many arrows. Whenever max damage is rolled for this arrow, the die explodes. If this is also max damage, continue rolling until it is not, adding each to the total.
  6. Expanding Arrow: Silver shaft that feels cool to the touch. When the head hits a target, the arrow shatters and expands into a 5ft wide by 5ft tall sheet of easily climbable hard foam.

What’s in the locked shipping container?

This is the new home for ruinsoffallenempires. I got sick of juggling google accounts and having a way too long name. Here’s an inaugural table post, but I’ll hopefully have some more interesting content in the future. Inspired by the massive container ship my pcs will be piloting in an upcoming Mothership game. Could also work as a really weird Delta Green green box generator.

By lazerblade on flickr

D30 Contents of the mysterious shipping container in space:

  1. A single USB drive in the center of the container, scotch taped to the floor.
  2. A skeletal murderbot torso, fused with the floor of the container. Very aggressive, but cannot move.
  3. Crates of military grade explosives.
  4. A full sized golden sphinx statue on a palette.
  5. A vintage car, but with hover-wheels.
  6. A small man, sitting on a beat up couch, watching tv.
  7. Crates of pickles.
  8. Somebody’s office. The windows are fake.
  9. 2d4 very nice paintings, hung on the walls with associated placards.
  10. A tree, it’s roots stretching across every surface.
  11. A theater, playing some surreal arthouse film.
  12. A stabilized portal, with scientific equipment all around it.
  13. Crates of bouncy balls.
  14. 3 body bags, evenly spaced.
  15. Crates of assorted trade paperbacks, but they all have the wrong authors.
  16. A girl in a box.
  17. A ritual altar with candles.
  18. Crates of assault rifles.
  19. A file server, somehow running on backup power still.
  20. Filled floor to ceiling with moist soil.
  21. Coffins.
  22. A caged lion.
  23. Crates of instant ramen.
  24. A note reading “Too late! -A”
  25. Filled completely with salt water.
  26. Props from a stage performance of Baron Munchausen.
  27. Crates of identical porcelain sugar bowls.
  28. A crate of assorted snakes.
  29. Crates of business cards.
  30. A smaller shipping container. Roll again for the contents.

Secret Santicorn 2019: D66 short, utility-only spells

(Migrated post from the old blog. Original post date: 12/20/19)

Secret Santicorn came up again on the OSR discord, but this time around, I have a functioning blog to post things on and no school to get in the way. So, here’s my writeup for @annowme’s prompt of “d66 short, utility-only spells”. Annowme, I hope you like them!

From Demonui

The prompt specified “utility-only”, which I decided to use as a constraint to write spells with as limited combat utility as possible, however, I’m sure that a smart player could find some sort of use for all of them, and as things went on, I found it harder and harder to not think of combat situations, so the latter half of the list does have some. A fair number of them ended up somewhat tech themed, but the names could be tweaked for a less gonzo game. They are all written to be system neutral, and I wasn’t sure on some of the specifics cause I figured the gift recipient may want to tweak those to their preference, or have them scale somewhat.

All spells are assumed to be level 1 spells, or in a system without leveled spells, they can be somewhat improved on with more dice/power invested. Unless otherwise specified, the durations are all 10 minutes.

11 Ping: Caster lets out a ultrasonic wave that maps out the nearby area. Functions like sonar, and can detect invisible objects or entities.41 Temperate Touch: An object touched can be heated or cooled. This is enough to boil water, or freeze it, but not enough to affect an area larger than about 1 square foot.
12 Escape Rope: Teleports caster and any number of willing targets to the entry point of the dungeon they are in.42 Ventriloquism: Caster can throw their voice and have it emerge from somewhere else nearby without moving their own mouth.
13 Ariadne’s Thread: Once cast, the caster can perfectly retrace their steps through any environment without getting lost for the duration.43 Adhesive: Stick any two adjacent objects together for the spell’s duration.
14 Copy: Create a copy of a small object or signature. Can be reversed to detect if an object or signature is not an original.44 Grease: Make a surface (10×10 area or less) incredibly slippery and impossible for anyone to keep their balance on.
15 Arcane Eye: Target a small object or location. For the duration of the spell, you can see out of that object as if it were your eye.45 Photograph: Creates a small postcard sized representation of what you can see in front of you.
16 Ward: Target an area (10×10?). If a creature enters that area you get a ping in your head.46 Iron Gullet: Transforms your stomach and throat into a sturdy vessel for transporting liquids. For the duration of the spell, you can swallow dangerous fluids, sharp objects, and all manner of objects as long as they fit inside your mouth without harm. They can be spat back out at any time before the spell ends.
21 Historical Reconstruction: Generates a holographic image of the history of your immediate surroundings. With more skill you can hone in on a particular point of history, otherwise this reveals the most charged historical moment that happened in that space.51 Conjure Rope: Creates 50′ of hemp rope.
22 Speak with Dead: You can speak with the spirit of a corpse, however the longer they have been dead the more likely the subject doesn’t remember details or has already moved on.52 Wall of Force: Creates a 10×10 wall of force. With some effort, it can be sculpted into a specific shape or moved around.
23 Transmute Art to Wealth: Transmutes an art object to 50% of its value in GP.53 Save State: Anchors your self to this exact point in time and space. You return to the same spot in space in time 1 minute after the casting of the spell.
24 Poise: Targeted creature automatically picks up on etiquette cues and social atmospheres for the duration of the spell. Anyone speaking to the target has their disposition bumped up to at least friendly. This spell also subtly alters their clothing to be appropriate for the situation.54 Hint: Contacting the gods of luck, you are gifted with a brief and cryptic hint about your current predicament.
25 Locate Origin: This spell will point the caster towards the place of manufacture of an object, or the parent of a creature.55 Create and Extinguish Light: Can create small lights, or extinguish small lights within range. Can also put out mid-sized fires or suppress natural bioluminescence.
26 Tidy: Sorts, arranges, counts, catalogs, and cleans   everything in a small area. Generates a professional looking report afterwards.56 Arcane Lock: Creates a magical lock on a container or portal, and up to 4 associated at casters discretion. Lasts for spell duration, roughly 24 hours.
31 Detect Gold: Objects made of gold can be seen through walls for the duration of the spell.61 Illusory Entry: Creates a door on a wall that only the caster can step through onto the other side. Anyone else sees a painted door on a wall.
32 Detect Lies: Caster can tell when people are lying for the duration of the spell.62 Preserve: Transforms up to 10 rations into preserved rations that last twice as long.
33 Summon Vermin: Summons a few small rodents, a bunch of tiny insects, or one large rat. Just enough to bite through someone’s bonds, carry an object over to a location, or bother a guard.63 Remove Gravity: Makes an object weightless for the duration.
34 Absorb Knowledge: Instantly absorbs the knowledge from a written work, no matter the language. Can also be used on a willing target, mind-meld style to transfer knowledge.64 Select: Fires a small bolt of force at a target. Cannot miss. The target can now be seen by the caster through walls with a faint   highlight, and draws all attention from around it. It can also now be targeted by spells and attacks as if it was at arms reach the caster.
35 Mold Earth and Stone: A 10×10 or less area of rock or earth can be shaped like putty by shaping a smaller portion of the material in the caster’s hand.65 Paint: Creates an texture/image of the caster’s choosing manifest on a target.
36 Crystal Net: Enchants a number of small crystals or gems so that they can be spoken through like walkie-talkies. (3-6. More if the spell is enhanced)66 Conjure Ham: Summons one bone in rum ham. Serves 3-4. A bit boozy. Very tasty. (counts as rations for 3-4 people)

Batman Villain Classics (Migrated)

Image result for 60s batman villains

(Migrated from the old blog. Original post date: 10/16/18)

Inspired by some discussion about how good batman villains are, as well as Dan D’s excellent Super Smash Classics funnel for Dungeon Crawl Classics, I’ve started putting together a random character background generator based on classic batman villains. At the moment it’s a d20 table with some of the most iconic villains, but I’m working on expanding it to a full d100.
Equipment is listed with fairly general stats, but implies a dB/dX style ruleset.

Edit: Updated with another 20 classic 60s Batman villains in purple down below!
Edit: Added another 20 of the goofier villains from throughout the batman universe, expanding this into a d60 table. Pretty sure that’s the last I’ll do on this for now.

1JokerPistol (d6)Joker Venom
2RiddlerQuestion mark cane (d8)Riddle Book
3Two-FacePistol (d6)Two-headed coin
4PenguinUmbrella-gun (d8)Umbrella glider
5CatwomanClaws (d4)Bullwhip (d4 plus “get over here”)
6BaneSuper-powered fists (d8)Respirator
7Killer CrocCrocodile Bite (d10)Can breathe underwater
8Poison IvyPoison kiss (Save vs death)Immunity to Poison
9ScarecrowScythe (d8)Fear gas
10The Black MaskPistols (best of 2d6)Hypnotic Mask
11Mad HatterMind control hat (Save vs magic or mind controlled)Rabbit
12Mister FreezeFreeze Ray (Save vs paralysis or frozen)Cold-resistant suit
13The VentriloquistTommy Gun (d8)Ventriloquist doll
14The Red HoodPistols (best of 2d6)Bombs x3
15Man-BatBat-gland formula (turns into a giant bat with wings, claws, and echolocation. Claws deal d10) x3 uses
16FireflyFlamethrower (Cone, save vs breath or d6)Jetpack
17Harley QuinnHammer (d8)Laughing Gas
18ClayfaceSuper-powered fists (d8)Malleable body
19CatmanRazor-tipped gauntlets (d6)Pet tiger (Rasputin)
20DeadshotSniper Rifle (d12)Sense-enhancing helmet
(1) 21False FacePistol (d6)Disguise
(2) 22BookwormBook Bombs (d6 explosion)Headlamp
(3) 23The ArcherBow (d8)Jaunty Green Cap
(4) 24MinstrelSonic beam (Can only damage objects, d12)Lute
(5) 25Ma ParkerTommy Gun (d8)Hairclip Smoke Bombs x3
(6) 26Marsha, Queen of DiamondsIncredibly Fancy OutfitDiamond Jewelery and also more diamonds worth 1000sp
(7) 27ShamePistol (d6)Fear gas
PuzzlerPuzzle Balloons (As bombs, with poison gas inside, d6 explosion)Model planes
SandmanHypnotic sand (Save vs paralysis or fall asleep) x6
(10)30Colonel GummUndetachable Glue PadColonel Gumm’s Super Instant Glue Gone
(11)31Black WidowCerebrum Short Circuiter (Makes somebody susceptible to suggestions. As a Charm Person spell)Jar of Black Widow Spiders (Save or death if you can get them to bite somebody, but be careful)
(12)32SirenMesmerizing voice (Save vs Magic or be hypnotized as Charm Person)Harp
(13)33Louie The LilacBoutinier Bullhorn (can project voice great distancesPocket Lilac (Save vs paralysis or be paralyzed)
(14)34Olga, Queen of the CossacksSaberCossack Henchman (d6 hp, Saber (d6), Leather Armor)
(15)35Lord Marmaduke FfoggAfrican Death Bee (Save vs death)Pipe of Fog (Creates a massive fog cloud)
(16)36Lady Penelope PeasoupCane (d6)Memory Eraser (Erases a target’s memories from the last minute)
(17)37MinervaDeepest Secret Extractor (Ray makes a target tell you their deepest secret)
(18)38EggheadStinking Egg Bomb x5 (Stench cloud, save vs Breath or be nauseated for a round)Tear Gas Egg x5 (Save vs Breath or lose next turn from tears)
(19)39King TutSap (d4)Sneezing Powder
(20)40Clock KingKnife (d6)Time watch (Can rewind a combat round)
Kite Man (Hell yeah)A Kite (Hell yeah) (d10)Kite Glider (Hell yeah)
BirdMartial Arts (d6)Pet Falcon
Calendar ManLaser Gun (d8)Date Planner
Condiment KingCondiment Gun (d4)Hot dog
Solomon GrundySuper-powered fists (d8)Extra life (Can come back from the dead once)
Music MeisterCane (d6)Hypnotic Voice (Save vs paralysis or be entranced)
Crazy QuiltEnergy Beam (d6)Mind Control (Save vs paralysis or be mind controlled)
Count VertigoFencing Saber (d6)Vertigo (ranged trip. Save vs paralysis or be knocked prone)
EraserPointy shoes (d6)Eraser Head
Roxy RocketRocket Launcher (d10)Riding Rocket
EtriganDemonic Claws (d8)Badass Cloak
Crime DoctorScalpel (d4)First aid kit (heals d8, 2 uses)
Lord Death ManTommy Gun (d8)Death Trance (Can pretend to be dead)
Penny PlundererSack of penniesBig bag of pennies (d4)
Baby DollTeddy Bear Gun (d6)Looks like a child
MimeSilenced Pistol (d6)Shock gloves (Save vs paralysis or paralyzed)
OrcaSuper-powered fists (d8)Can breathe underwater
Polka Dot ManPolka dot pit trap (Save vs device or fall 20 ft)Teleportal Dots x2 (can teleport between)
FlamingoWhip (d4 + Get Over Here)Pink Motorcycle
Johnny KaraokeKatana (d8)Microphone