Batman Villain Classics (Migrated)

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(Migrated from the old blog. Original post date: 10/16/18)

Inspired by some discussion about how good batman villains are, as well as Dan D’s excellent Super Smash Classics funnel for Dungeon Crawl Classics, I’ve started putting together a random character background generator based on classic batman villains. At the moment it’s a d20 table with some of the most iconic villains, but I’m working on expanding it to a full d100.
Equipment is listed with fairly general stats, but implies a dB/dX style ruleset.

Edit: Updated with another 20 classic 60s Batman villains in purple down below!
Edit: Added another 20 of the goofier villains from throughout the batman universe, expanding this into a d60 table. Pretty sure that’s the last I’ll do on this for now.

1JokerPistol (d6)Joker Venom
2RiddlerQuestion mark cane (d8)Riddle Book
3Two-FacePistol (d6)Two-headed coin
4PenguinUmbrella-gun (d8)Umbrella glider
5CatwomanClaws (d4)Bullwhip (d4 plus “get over here”)
6BaneSuper-powered fists (d8)Respirator
7Killer CrocCrocodile Bite (d10)Can breathe underwater
8Poison IvyPoison kiss (Save vs death)Immunity to Poison
9ScarecrowScythe (d8)Fear gas
10The Black MaskPistols (best of 2d6)Hypnotic Mask
11Mad HatterMind control hat (Save vs magic or mind controlled)Rabbit
12Mister FreezeFreeze Ray (Save vs paralysis or frozen)Cold-resistant suit
13The VentriloquistTommy Gun (d8)Ventriloquist doll
14The Red HoodPistols (best of 2d6)Bombs x3
15Man-BatBat-gland formula (turns into a giant bat with wings, claws, and echolocation. Claws deal d10) x3 uses
16FireflyFlamethrower (Cone, save vs breath or d6)Jetpack
17Harley QuinnHammer (d8)Laughing Gas
18ClayfaceSuper-powered fists (d8)Malleable body
19CatmanRazor-tipped gauntlets (d6)Pet tiger (Rasputin)
20DeadshotSniper Rifle (d12)Sense-enhancing helmet
(1) 21False FacePistol (d6)Disguise
(2) 22BookwormBook Bombs (d6 explosion)Headlamp
(3) 23The ArcherBow (d8)Jaunty Green Cap
(4) 24MinstrelSonic beam (Can only damage objects, d12)Lute
(5) 25Ma ParkerTommy Gun (d8)Hairclip Smoke Bombs x3
(6) 26Marsha, Queen of DiamondsIncredibly Fancy OutfitDiamond Jewelery and also more diamonds worth 1000sp
(7) 27ShamePistol (d6)Fear gas
PuzzlerPuzzle Balloons (As bombs, with poison gas inside, d6 explosion)Model planes
SandmanHypnotic sand (Save vs paralysis or fall asleep) x6
(10)30Colonel GummUndetachable Glue PadColonel Gumm’s Super Instant Glue Gone
(11)31Black WidowCerebrum Short Circuiter (Makes somebody susceptible to suggestions. As a Charm Person spell)Jar of Black Widow Spiders (Save or death if you can get them to bite somebody, but be careful)
(12)32SirenMesmerizing voice (Save vs Magic or be hypnotized as Charm Person)Harp
(13)33Louie The LilacBoutinier Bullhorn (can project voice great distancesPocket Lilac (Save vs paralysis or be paralyzed)
(14)34Olga, Queen of the CossacksSaberCossack Henchman (d6 hp, Saber (d6), Leather Armor)
(15)35Lord Marmaduke FfoggAfrican Death Bee (Save vs death)Pipe of Fog (Creates a massive fog cloud)
(16)36Lady Penelope PeasoupCane (d6)Memory Eraser (Erases a target’s memories from the last minute)
(17)37MinervaDeepest Secret Extractor (Ray makes a target tell you their deepest secret)
(18)38EggheadStinking Egg Bomb x5 (Stench cloud, save vs Breath or be nauseated for a round)Tear Gas Egg x5 (Save vs Breath or lose next turn from tears)
(19)39King TutSap (d4)Sneezing Powder
(20)40Clock KingKnife (d6)Time watch (Can rewind a combat round)
Kite Man (Hell yeah)A Kite (Hell yeah) (d10)Kite Glider (Hell yeah)
BirdMartial Arts (d6)Pet Falcon
Calendar ManLaser Gun (d8)Date Planner
Condiment KingCondiment Gun (d4)Hot dog
Solomon GrundySuper-powered fists (d8)Extra life (Can come back from the dead once)
Music MeisterCane (d6)Hypnotic Voice (Save vs paralysis or be entranced)
Crazy QuiltEnergy Beam (d6)Mind Control (Save vs paralysis or be mind controlled)
Count VertigoFencing Saber (d6)Vertigo (ranged trip. Save vs paralysis or be knocked prone)
EraserPointy shoes (d6)Eraser Head
Roxy RocketRocket Launcher (d10)Riding Rocket
EtriganDemonic Claws (d8)Badass Cloak
Crime DoctorScalpel (d4)First aid kit (heals d8, 2 uses)
Lord Death ManTommy Gun (d8)Death Trance (Can pretend to be dead)
Penny PlundererSack of penniesBig bag of pennies (d4)
Baby DollTeddy Bear Gun (d6)Looks like a child
MimeSilenced Pistol (d6)Shock gloves (Save vs paralysis or paralyzed)
OrcaSuper-powered fists (d8)Can breathe underwater
Polka Dot ManPolka dot pit trap (Save vs device or fall 20 ft)Teleportal Dots x2 (can teleport between)
FlamingoWhip (d4 + Get Over Here)Pink Motorcycle
Johnny KaraokeKatana (d8)Microphone

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